VONA Workshops

VONA workshops are the only multi-genre space dedicated to writers of color. Our workshops, led by master artists of color are a rigorous and nurturing series of courses in fiction, poetry, political content, memoir, speculative fiction, playwriting, travel writing, residencies, and more.

A group of smiling people standing outside with a tree in the background.
A group of multi-toned people standing outside and looking forward
A group of people gathered on a wooden floor - some kneeling and some standing
A group of people gathered outside on the grass, some standing some sitting.
A group of people kneeling and standing in front of a bookcase
A group of people standing side by side smiling towards the camera with tree in back
Tananarieve Due in coral suit surrounded by people outside
Elmaz sitting on the ground with hands in air. Other people sitting around her.
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In choosing our faculty we select only internationally celebrated authors of color who are known for their excellence as writers and their sensibilities toward political and cultural issues. All of our workshop leaders are inspiring and proven teachers experienced with diverse populations.