Workshop FAQ

What if a workshop is closed and I really want to attend?

You can request to be on a waitlist if anyone cancels. Write to

Put in the subject line: waitlist for (use faculty name and location) for instance waitlist for Older, New Orleans.  If you do not fill in the subject line correctly, it will not get routed to the application pool.

Can I apply to a workshop outside of my region?

Yes! Apply all around the country. Of course, you are responsible for your own travel and lodging arrangements.

No writing sample? Does that mean my work won’t be workshopped?

These are generative workshops. You will be creating and sharing writing along with your colleagues. The good news is, you can’t be rejected.

What if childcare, family or work issues come up, can I attend part of the time?

Please do not apply for a workshop you cannot fully attend. The seats are limited.