VONA Board

You can reach out to the board via our contact page.

President, M. Evelina Galang

M. Evelina Galang wearing a brown dress and standing in front of microphone looking to the side with right hand extended in front of her

“I have stepped up to lead VONA in gratitude for this gift, this opportunity, to support emerging writers of color and their pursuit of literary excellence. I have said yes in order to make sure the mission of our core founders continues. That even as we write a wide range of works, everything we do is political, is controversial, is necessary to be written. I have stepped up to make sure there is a safe space for the exploration of these issues, where the writers’ work is at
the center of all conversations.” Visit http://www.mevelinagalang.com/ 


Secretary, David Mura

David Mura staring straight ahead.

“I am on the board of VONA because I believe in its mission of supporting writers of color and its emphasis on the conjunction between writing and social justice. Hundreds of writers of color have attended VONA and an impressive number have gone to publish books, win prizes, and teach. The intersectional community created by VONA has changed the course of American literature.” Visit http://www.davidmura.com.

Ex-Officio Board Member, Nivéa Castro

NIvea Castro standing in front on banner

“I believe I am most effective in promoting and executing VONA’s mission of nurturing writers of color via artistic proficiency and social justice advocacy as an ex-officio board member and Interim Executive Director. What VONA offers by protecting and upholding essential safe space for our voices, especially during these troubling political and social times, is nothing short of revolutionary.”

Treasurer, Vonetta Young

Vonetta Young with dark shirt standing in front of green leaf tree“I joined the board because I love VONA. I wouldn’t be as confident of a writer if it weren’t for VONA, where I felt so comfortable during my workshop that I could easily learn and grow in my craft. (And my instructor, Reyna Grande, changed the trajectory of my memoir when it was in its early stages.) More importantly, at a time in history when people aren’t ashamed of white supremacy, VONA is literally changing the world by empowering writers of color to amplify their voices. I want to ensure that work continues for years and years to come. ”                                                                                     Follow her on Twitter at @VonettaWrites and visit https://www.vonettayoung.com/


Board Member, Stacie Evans

“I joined the board to support VONA’s move into its next phase. VONA has been critical to my development as a writer and a creator/holder of community, and I am committed to helping VONA grow, change, and continue the important work of nurturing writers of color.” 


Board Member, Maurice Ruffin

“VONA is dedicated to helping writers of color fulfill their potential. VONA accelerated my literary development, and I joined the board to support the organization in its noble mission.  I hope to lend my legal, strategic planning, and leadership skills to this end. Ultimately, I believe that VONA will thrive for generations to come.”