VONA (Voices of Our Nations Arts Foundation) is the only multi-genre workshop for writers of color. VONA centers and honors the traditions and aesthetics of writers of color to provide a space for their work and learning. Through our focus on this expanded definition of craft, VONA fosters the open and honest expression of personal and political writing often marginalized almost everywhere else. Our organization and writing classes engage the work of social justice and build a global community of writers of color.



Literature written by writers of color disrupts and redefines the traditional canon as it engages in the complex and nuanced conversations of the human experience. The perspective of people of color is best expressed through our creativity, strength, and collective wisdom. The literary world recognizes the necessity for voices centered in the cultures, imagination, and worldview of writers of color. VONA faculty and alumni are sought after throughout the world by publishers, agents, and readers. Their narratives document the lived experiences of people of color, providing us with not only a way to better understand ourselves and our role in the world, but also how we, through the written word, are able to create change. Change of mind. Change of being. Change of practice. Change.