VONA is a community-based organization. If you are interested in supporting VONA by volunteering your time and talent, please contact us here.

VONA Service Spotlight

Wendy Angulo

Smiling Latina woman wearing dark tshirt with RESPECT written in white block letters on it.Wendy Angulo, the founder of Wendy Angulo Productions and a VONA alum, served as the Interim Program Director from February 2019 to January 2020. She joined at a time of transition and major changes. Wendy coordinated the inauguration of and is credited with the success of the VONA Across the Country (VATC) program which bought a ‘taste of VONA’ to nine different cities across the USA. Her service to VONA has been invaluable.   www.wendyanguloproductions.com





Mariela Regalado

Smiling Hispanic woman with long hair standing in front of sidewalkMariela Regalado, a VONA alum. had been the admin for the Interim Program Director for most of 2019. She made sure, among her several duties, that newsletters and VONA information was timely distributed to our alums and friends of VONA. We appreciate her service and love of VONA. www.MarielaRegalado.com 

“Why VONA? – Because it is built for us, by us. VONA is my MFA. I want to make sure it keeps evolving and serving the VONA Voices of Our Nations Art the way they need in order to go to their next level. “ 




Lisa Welchman

Lisa Welchman wearing brown corduroy blazer, yellow turtleneck, and red floral earrings.Digital media consultant and VONA alum Lisa Welchman generously volunteered her time and talent to VONA during the Board transition. In December 2018, when newly installed Board President, M. Evelina Galang was grieving her father’s death, Lisa led the newly minted board during a vital transition as co-founder, program director, and former President, Elmaz Abinador left the board after 20 years of leadership. Upon Evelina’s return, Lisa acted as board governance and digital media advisor. VONA thanks Lisa for her unstinting support and service.